Miscellaneous bits and bobs

Occasionally I do some experiments + cool things outside of work.

Interaction Design Asssociation Australia (IXDA) Mentoring

In Spring 2018, I mentored a group of designers and budding researchers for a mentor program by IXDA. Our group focused on developing research method skills, as well as reporting skills to help share research. I helped design "class material" and facilitate sessions with 2 more senior mentors.

Accidental mentoring

In my spare time, I have occasionally (accidentally) mentored friends with career development, research, or design process. If you have a cool project, DM me, and we can see if I have time to help! Public acknowledgements:
Juan Vaamonde, designer - link to ResearchOps project
Perrin Anto, designer - link to shout out

interactive D3.JS Dendogram to visualise common strings and sentiment

In 2019 I was curious about how Public twitter users talked about Asians on social media. From scraped Twitter data, I visualised the most common strings from various search terms using a Dendogram I made with D3.js.