Monica E Regalado - UX Researcher

About me

I am a researcher currently contracting for Google Maps, previously working at Centre for Inclusive Design and Airteam. I really appreciate research as a craft, and love being close to the people and the problems.

In my spare time I love to cook Filipino Food, listen to long music sets, and curate oddly specific moods on Spotify (see: Sad Dance Music and Autotune AF).

A brief history When I was 8 I learned how to make websites on Matmice, and made friends via my Cutenews blog on Webs. In senior high school I studied 3 history subjects, and got really interested in learning about people and cultures. Somehow the perfect job that involved both of my favorite things -tech and people- came about during that time and now I’m here!

My academic background is in Design Computing, which focused on human-computer interaction and creative computing. In 2020 I am pursuing more academic interests.

Describe yourself in 3 pictures

 A glittery leche flan I designed
 Daggy sweatpants + matrix coat
 Sunset in my hometown, 2016

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