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Airteam: Preventing expensive mistakes by validating the problem

TL;DR I saved a company $300, 000 by conducting research that proved that the problem they were trying to solve didn't actually exist.

Contact me to learn more

Due to the nature of my NDA, I can't share too much detail about this project. Please reach out to me if you would like to know a bit more about my process for this client.

I spent two months while I was working at Airteam working on this research project for this client. I was approached to design the plan for this research, and execute it. You can see Airteam's post about this project here.



The client had conceptualised an app that they believed solved a tangible problem for their customers. This was based on assumptions they had about users as well as research that they had conducted years ago. They wanted to know if they should go forward with developing it.

Research approach

I conducted research that would help to not only validate the concept they came up with, but the problem that they were hypothesising. Here's a high level overview of some things I did:

  • Stakeholder workshops to debunk assumptions about perceived user needs and journeys, and discuss their business goals
  • Guerilla interviews to explore current user needs and journeys
  • Guerilla concept validation of new app idea
  • Survey to support qualitative findings and
  • Workshops with users to dive deeper into insights from interviews + look into parallel journeys


  • The client was able to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest money into an expensive concept. My research proved that the perceived user pain points were not that prevalent, and therefore not worth building their idea.
  • Despite not going through with the app idea, the client now has insight into what the user's journey is really like, and are able to to explore and ideate for the new problems I discovered.