Hi! I'm Monica Ella Regalado. I observe and listen to people to help make relevant and useful technology.
Currently a UX Researcher on Google Maps in Australia.

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Projects & reflection

 Coming soon: Reflections from mentoring IXDA, 2018 | Culture • Collaboration

About me

Lovely to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

  • I have been doing applied research for tech and product for almost 3 years, previously at Centre for Inclusive Design and Airteam.
  • My background is in human computer interaction and creative computing which I studied at the University of Sydney.
  • While I have always worked in the tech space, I am interested in disciplines such as sociology and development as I want to solve problems in a socially responsible way. (DM me if you're working in this space, I would love to hear from you!)
  • In my spare time I love learning to cook Filipino food and listening to three hour sets!


Let's connect via LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Medium, or Email at mncrgd [at] gmail.com.

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